Хватит нас дурить: кофе указали его мiсто

автор: Денис Песков

А вам где-то попадалось заявление о том, что кофе – второй самый торгуемый(?) продукт на свете? А то тут автор возбудился и разнёс это в пух и прах:

“However, contrary to oft-repeated claims in print and online, coffee is not the second most valuable traded commodity on the planet after crude oil. This bit of lore had been accepted and repeated for years, perhaps because it resonates so powerfully, this idea that there are two great black elixirs in the world, oil and coffee, that keep us moving, albeit in different ways. But even the most rudimentary research reveals that coffee is not even the second most valuable agricultural commodity traded globally, much less in comparison to such mega-products as oil, gas, coal, alumina, and all the metals and gems that are traded in the world. Coffee is, however, among the top ten agricultural imports in the world—number eight, to be exact—behind such products as soy, wheat, maize, rubber, and wine but ahead of beef, cigarettes, cheese, and rice.”

Excerpt From: Humes, Edward. “Door to Door.” HarperCollins, “Top 10 Commodities, data from 2012, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Statistics Division.”