Ватерлоо по версии компьютеров

автор: Денис Песков

“The mystery of the battle of Waterloo is why a collection of fine and experienced French combat generals of all three arms repeatedly failed to co-ordinate their efforts, as they had done successfully on so many previous battlefields.*”

* When Waterloo is war-gamed, France usually wins:the Napoleon player attacks early, masks Hougoumont with a maximum of one division, has the rest of Reille’s corps support d’Erlon’s historical attack, which uses a columnar formation and is accompanied by two divisions of Lobau’s corps with the Reserve Cavalry corps in close support. Ney’s cavalry charge is supported by infantry and artillery, which pulverize Wellington’s squares long before the Prussians arrive.

Excerpt From: Roberts, Andrew. “Napoleon the Great.” Penguin Books Ltd.