Подходящая цитата. стр. 454

автор: Денис Песков

The link between the regime and the dominant social groups might also turn out to be fragile. What could be observed was a recurrent pattern in Middle Eastern history. The classes which dominated the structure of wealth and social power in the cities wanted peace, order and freedom of economic activity, and would support a regime so long as it seemed to be giving them what they wanted; but they would not lift a finger to save it, and would accept its successor if it seemed likely to follow similar policy.
If support given by powerful segments of society to governments was passive, it was partly because they did not participate actively in the making of decisions….

Неудивительно, что за Лужкова никто не вступился. И, если верить этому автору и его анализу, ни за кого не вступятся из нынешних.