Как собаки угадывают время прихода хозяина в квартиру? Найден ответ

автор: Денис Песков

Раскрыта, похоже, тайна того, как собаки угадывают время прихода хозяина в квартиру (не считая объективно нам понятных слуха/зрения и прямого обонятельного контакта). Слово Саше Хоровиц:

“A few years ago I concocted a thought experiment to test just how much smell mattered to a dog in sensing when his owner was returning home. Rather than assume that the dog was smelling or hearing the owner through the door, I suggested that there was a potent combination of two forces leading to these dogs’ abilities. The first is the distinctness of our smell to our dogs. The second is the ease with which dogs learn our habits: we leave and return reliably—if not always at precisely the same time. So, how can your pup know when you are returning from work, given that the sun sets at a different time each day? Well, it might be that the odors that we leave around the house when we leave lessen in a consistent amount each day. Over the hours that we are gone, our home begins to smell less of us. We could test this, I suggested, by bringing in a “fresh” smell of the owner. If the dog then assumes that the owner has just left, he will be surprised if the owner then returns.

That is just what happened. Working with a couple whose dog seemed to have magical powers of prediction as to when his owner returned, producers of a science program arranged to have a smelly t-shirt from one of them snuck into the house many hours after he left. Thus to the dog the house then smelled more strongly of the owner—as if he had left not long ago.

Sure enough, the dog was not waiting by the door when his owner came in, as he usually did. He was snoring on the couch: surely it would be hours before his owner returned, with that strong smell in the air . . .”